Kiss Line

by Dan Koshute




released May 25, 2009

Recorded by Dan Koshute and Darren Diederich at Etienne Palace Pittsburgh, PA from '08-'09

Engineered by Darren Diederich
Mixed by Dan Koshute at My Blue Heaven Studios, Pittsburgh, PA
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL

Dan "Magna Persona" Koshute- Voice, Guitars, Pianos
Seth Chizeck- Drums
Joey Onassis- Stomps on "In Our Regalia"
Ben Munoz- Cello on "Cygnet"

All songs by Dan Koshute, (c)+(p) 2009 Magnamusic (BMI)

Artwork by Jordan "Huck Halley" White

Thanks: Darren, Dave, Joey and Jacob Onassis, Chris and Matt Ellis, Huck, Rosamond, the E. 19th St. house, Lach, Zeb, Ashlee, Manny, my family, NYC, and the city of Pittsburgh.

Dedicated to Rosemary and Bill Kelly



all rights reserved


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Dan Koshute Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Constellation Body
Where's the knife? Where is the man who brought you here?
Is it real? Is it real enough for you?
I've got to know now.
I've got my finger on the pulse of the world.
Is it real? Is it real?
Now, now, now.
We've got out...
Track Name: Kiss Line
Find it, find it.
All that's been destroyed will now be created.
Hide it, hide it.
Save me from the law tried to take control.

Oh ya, Oh ya.
It was worth it all, the Kiss Line.
All I want to be, o ya.

Be it, be it.
Center of the world, the top of definition.

Break out.
We declare.
Alone I ride, the Kiss Line.
All by myself, oh ya.

Oh ya, Oh ya.
It was worth it all, the Kiss Line.
All I want to be, oh ya.
Track Name: Nevertheless
The tables have turned.
The tables with the chairs.
And I won't deny that I was scared.
Took out my gold when the threat got cold.
Left with mine waiting for signs.

And you've picked the wrong time.
And you've picked the wrong time.
To lie and wait.

If I were to count all you've taken from me.
I'd keep still and stay invisible to see.
If it crossed my mind, flew over my head.
I treasure all the time and take my cares instead.

And you've picked the wrong time.
And you've picked the wrong time.
To hide and wait.

My, my what a worried mind.

Where have you been all this time?
Track Name: Cygnet
And I see with new eyes when blossoms explode.
Who should have known that I'd be surprised.

You're never on your own for long.
No, you're never alone.
Too far to go back but you're not alone.

Spectacula hear me.
Inspire the growth.
Who's the new dove?
From the wings of the swan.

Ask where they'll go.
And ask where they've hid it.
Too fast for mercy, visions be flown.
Track Name: In Our Regalia
Drop all your weaknesses into fossils of fears.
My truth is my orchard, the apples my years.
Who could disturb them, who could it be?

Save me.

If I was a child again, if I could still be king.
I'd rescue dead notions and give them all wings.
But I couldn't know.

Save me.

I ride on the back of the storm and ride on the back of my head.
I see through the tips of my horns and rise by the heat of my veins.

Save me.
Track Name: Paris Exhibition
Breaking down, all around.
Careless naming nations with true depth perception.
In the craze of space fever, it's the Paris Exhibition forever and ever.

My baby wants to go but I got lost.
Anything at all never mind the cost.
Centuries get old and patterns get tossed.
Right up through the homes, a new year sounds off.
Oh how I wish I had a match.
To light my passions of the past to the present.

Fighting gears grow abound.
And thrive with the season to be tassels for the sun.
I reach down, dare to pick them.
Its fragile lightning sod sings fuel fair pageant nectar.

How can it be craved if the pierce is lost?
Gliders and the waves soon we will cross.
Helios is brave and I am his captain.
Dire magic boom break out to greet them.
Oh the ambitions of the fast,
Looking down on heat from crash to welcome rose-reel.

Where's the heart and soul?

My baby wants to go but I got lost.
Anything at all never mind the cost.
Track Name: Silhouette
Brazen miles of mercy and stages of regret.
Cross the mind of a character and tell me what you get.
Could you sympathize with these auburn eyes?
Cast a spell for the middle, didn't mean to cause you trouble.

I'll do nothing to save you.
There ain't anything I'll try.
In the world I fall into.
Sever all ties to the eye.

Lightning disposition, signals of the coming phase.
Brilliant bursts of color of season's lesson craze.
Watch the world depart to the present start.
Its a real underestimate, impossible to freeze.

I've died and been reborn within the body of a bird.
A silhouette has developed.
Its about time you've arrived.

No you can't have my heart.
You may never have to start.
Track Name: Double Dip
Lean my head up to the rocket with pretty pictures in pocket.
I swear to god I cant forget it with every taste that's incarnate.
Edgewise outsides caught me beaming, peeling heatsheilds off the ceiling.
Portraying fashions off the pretty inside all regions fit for feeling.

In-fracture superficial iris, design exotic holy places.
Pleasing portraits of said nectar dive to capture fair devices.
This is the hemisphere of your witness, the final entrance of your exit.
This is the globe for your answer, we're all in favor of the new spell.

The present is the new future time.
Track Name: Axis of the Vine
Cry, I will cry out for breath.
A breath of my own with a new sense of home.
Where I reside I cannot hide anymore.

Painted a new scenery and identity will rise to the occasion.
The picture book so compelling and turn my back on the enemy.

Inside every color you can name.
There's fossils of seven thousand ways.
Stride, yeah, saunter the years begone.
This time we can meausre it all till its gone.

Could you lie to me?
Like I try for myself?
Its so far fetched.
You haven't seen...

Slow down baby you drive me crazy.
The axis of the vine, everything is her's.
I am home now.
Track Name: Fox V. Hound (Onward, Infinity!)
I was amidst in something complete with the dying shame.
Carved my existence to rewrite.
In every instant truthful, in every thought complete,
There's nothing stronger than us.

Onward, onward now.

Losing the essence here, gaining the thing that becomes clear.
Before I get old I realize.
Rode the steam time, made up the bargain superette.
The heart's not an organ anymore.

Onward, onward now.

And if you need me I was a prisoner.
Continue to write me something impersonal.
The wealth of the city captured exquisitely.
And don't you forget me.

I will be born again.